Senior leadership will increase capacity as they engage in our unique developmental curriculum.

Company performance improves and the bottom line expands when values are identified, economic drivers are discovered, and processes are refined.

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The Sea of Life

You begin your life journey floating about,



pushed here and there by the currents of this your particular patch of a vast sea.  Blissfully carefree,  innocent, and too small to see over the sides of your tiny, new vessel, you soak in the sunshine, play in the rain, feel the ups and downs of swells kicked up by storms and the cool spray of an occasional wave slapping against the sides.   Family boats surround you, moving in tandem;  you absorb the sounds…the familiar smells…and the tenor of voices, language and activities around you.    The rhythms of life play out day after day as meals, sleeping, bathing, playing, reading and communication patterns are reinforced repeatedly. Read more »